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Stabilizer bar rubbers

Brand: Perfect Rubber Parts Model: 48815-20030
Stabilizer bar rubber Crown MS50, Corona Mk2, Hilux RN3#/4#Also 48815-20060Suitable for : Front Crown MS50, Front & rear Corona Mk2 (RX12, 22, MX13, 23)Also : Front : Celica MA46, RA42, RA43Front : Cressida MX36, RX35Front : Corona RT102, RT104, RT114, RT116, RT118Front : Hilux..
฿ 200.00
Brand: Perfect Rubber Parts Model: 48815-30050
Stabilizer bar rubber MS60-MS75-MS80-MS100-MS110-MS120Suitable for :Front Crown MS60, MS75, MS80, MS100, MS110, MS120Front & rear Corona Mk2 (RX12, 22, MX13, 23 - european spec.)Also : Front : Celica MA46, RA40, RA42, RA43 (1980-81)Front : Cressida GX60, LX60, MX62, MX63Front : Mark II = GX..
฿ 200.00
Brand: Perfect Rubber Parts Model: 48815-30171
Stabilizer bar rubber front, Crown  GS/LS/MS130Fits :GS130, GS131LS130, LS131,LS136MS132, MS133, MS135, MS137..
฿ 250.00
Model: 48810-30030
Stabilizer links
฿ 595.00
Model: linkstab
Stabilizer links MS50-MS120..
฿ 350.00
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