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repairkits for brake/clutch/calipers

Model: kit-caliperKE20
Repair sealkit caliper KE20..
฿ 500.00
Model: kit-caliperKE30
Repair sealkit caliper KE30..
฿ 500.00
Model: kitMS50-60brake
Repairset MS50-MS60 Calipers SumitomoConsists of- 4 pistons- repairseal kit- INCLUDING set brake pads..
฿ 3,625.00
Model: kitMS100brake
Repairset MS100-110 CalipersConsists of- 2 pistons- repairseal kit..
฿ 2,502.50
Model: kitMS120brake
Repairset MS120-130 CalipersConsists of- 4 pistons- repairseal kit..
฿ 2,502.50
Brand: Seiken Model: SK1113
Seiken SK1113 master brake/clutch cilinder kit MS50bore 3/4"..
฿ 640.00
Brand: Seiken Model: 04493-22041
Seiken SK44251 master tandem brake cilinder kit RX12 / MX13bore 1"also 04493-35290also for Hilux YN8#, LN8#..
฿ 840.00
Brand: Seiken Model: FR1107
Seiken FR1107 Clutch Master Kit Toyota Crown..
฿ 800.00
Model: SK1099
Seiken SK1099 Clutch Slave cilinder Kit Toyota Crown..
฿ 450.00
Brand: Seiken Model: SK-40441
Seiken SK-40441 Clutch Slave cilinder Kit Toyota..
฿ 1,000.00
Brand: Seiken Model: Clutch Master Kit Toyota Crown
Seiken KOS-T3085 Clutch Master Kit Toyota Crown..
฿ 800.00
Model: copbrakelinekit
Copper Nickel Brake Line Tubing Kit 3/16 Inch OD + 15Pcs Fitting NutsSuitable for your Crown. Looks amazing.No problems with rust anymore and easy to bent in the right shape...
฿ 800.00
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